Success Stories

After partnering with Priority Partners Financial Services to create a tailored financial plan, Ray says his finances are now directed into creating a better future?

John, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff in the advisement and help you have provided to me over the years. Your easy-to-understand approach, explanation to the investment of my money and down-to-earth manner has been the main reason for my continuance with you.

Your advice and the budget spreadsheet have helped me enormously to the point of being debt free for the first time in many years. I am now able to actually start a savings plan for my future retirement.

Your team has proved invaluable to this program with their knowledge of budgets and regular updates, contact and encouragement along the way.

In what I consider a bonus to my situation, you brought in Jo Darby to help me set realistic goals to strive for whilst [achieving my financial plan]. This helped me to focus on what I was aiming for. This has since been revisited and revised accordingly with you and your team.  I now look after my finances a lot better than I have ever done before.

Trust is a major issue in any part of life, none more so than dealing with other peoples money. I have trusted you with my financial affairs for many years now and will continue to do so for many years to come.

Thank you so very much for helping me with my finances.

Partnering with an expert financial professional from Priority Partners Financial Services has allowed Leanne to change her life for the better.

As a single 50-year-old, I was a financial wreck up until three years ago, living pay cheque to pay cheque and never quite making it. I wasnt a spend thrift, I didnt take huge holidays what was the problem?

As an educated, intelligent primary teacher, I felt stupid and overwhelmingly depressed with my situation. Each day when I got up I felt a huge weight on my shoulders.  I was in a deep, deep hole with no ladder.

At long last I got the message: just as we see a dentist, doctor or hairdresser, we also have to have a financial planner.  So I went to John Darby.

I was nervous, agitated and a mess, but I didnt have to be. From the very first meeting he had me on my way and I left his office walking on air. It was confronting to look at where my money was going and terrifying to give someone permission to look into my financial situation and make changes.  But it had to be done.

In three years, thanks to John everything has changed. I have paid off my mortgage, bought a much needed new car, started a yoga teacher training course, have started to invest and live confidently each week.

I sit here still somewhat dumbfounded by who I am now and the peace and freedom I feel.

John is the most honest, diligent and patient planner and teacher. He is the first person who made me feel excited by my finances. It is his passion and determination to do his best for his clients that made him stand out.

I strongly advise anyone to seek out Priority Partners Financial Services. They have literally changed my life.